CWI’s 2019 Summer EAST Institute
on Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability

in partnership with The Berkeley Carrol School
Followup support via 3 Skype sessions included.

FULL Scholarships for Program-Team Leaders
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“Transformative work during the week. I will use this process and knowledge to change how our school gets students involved in their community. I found myself becoming even more determined about the role that service-learning can have in our school.”
Vernita Vallez, Principal
Inter-American Magnet School, Chicago, Illinois

“Life changing! I a invigorated to go back to my university and plant the seed of service-learning. I learned so much more than I expected! I now want to be a cheerleader at my university for service-learning! So much more hands-on than any workshop I’ve ever attended.”
Leah Barfield, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences,
University of Texas at Dallas

Developing Empathetic, Connected, Global Citizens
CWI Institutes are about connecting core 21st Century academic and social emotional skills through
compelling student-centered learning projects focused on the local community.

Bring your vision, program and project ideas to CWI’s acclaimed learning lab. Summer EAST set in the vibrant multi-cultural heart of Brooklyn, with concrete opportunities to work with new strategies in real time.  A transformative week of project and program design, expert training, guidance, field work, and networking. A unique opportunity  to understand why place based service-learning works, how it works, and how to use it most effectively with students.

Each year, our Summer EAST community of participants is comprised of a highly diverse group of K-16 teachers and administrators, from schools large and small, rural and urban, independent and public, along with community based educators. CWI Institutes are appropriate for both veteran practitioners and “beginners.” We emphasize strategies that create deep school and community buy-in, with an eye toward long term success.

Joe BrooksOur work at Summer WEST is guided by CWI founder Joe Brooks, a veteran K-16 educator, former public school teacher, and internationally recognized leader in Place Based Service-Learning. Joe provides site based workshops, retreats, and local Institutes for K-16 schools around the world, along with our flagship Summer EAST and WEST Institutes. He channels his extensive experience, drawn from three decades in the field, into the Institute process. Joe brings a deep personal passion for local learning and partnerships into a doable process that helps schools build deeper lasting curriculum and programs, from vision to planning to action. Joe will be joined at the Institute by fellow veteran educator-innovators from K-16 classrooms and programs. email Joe

“The Place Based Service-Learning development our educators experienced
through CWI and Joe Brooks was truly transformational at Mulberry
School. CWI provides a pragmatic and focused vision, using powerful and
reflective exercises to help propel a school’s best practices and
curriculum forward
Jane Murphy, Head of School,
Mulberry School, Silicon Valley, California

Student Voice • 21st Century Skills • Reciprocity • Social Justice • Global Citizenship • Sustainable Communities • Transdisciplinary Themes • Exploring Local Culture and History • PBL and STEM Connections • K-16 Partnerships • Meaningful Reflection • Collaborative Ethnography • Food, Nutrition and Gardens • Community Participatory Art • Creating School Wide Buy-In

CWI’s Summer EAST Institute is set in vibrant and historically multi-cultural Brooklyn. Summer EAST is hosted by the Berkeley Carroll School, a leader in progressive education and located on the edge of Park Slope and near idyllic Prospect Park. Brooklyn is made up of a number of historic and very walkable neighborhoods,  ideal for the community focused nature of our work together. We are also in walking distance of Red Hook (20-30 min.) Uber and Lyft are great transportation options, always abundant. Citibike is also a nice way to get around and can be a good deal if you plan on moving around a lot in the city after hours during the Institute. There are numerous local hotel AirBnB options close by. Check back here in January as we hope to have discounted affordable lodging available. brooklyn map. email us with questions, or call 909.480.3966 (PST)

service learning training

 Digging Below the Surface, Finding the Real Community
When we think about Place Based Service-Learning it includes learning to explore and more fully understand and access our own local communities. To practice this skill, our work at Summer EAST involves using Collaborative Ethnography to learn to peel back back the hidden and not so hidden layers of our local communities. We will gain powerful new skills for use in your own local community explorations and projects with students.

“Our Collaborative Ethnography project made me aware of how much we choose to consciously and unconsciously filter out when moving through the world. I am excited to think about how I can use this experience to get my students to be ethnographers as well. I can see myself getting students to do a comparative ethnographic study of Berkeley.”
Carwai Seto, Math Teacher
Berkeley, California

Professional Certificates
Upon successful completion of Institute work.CWI provides participants with Certificates of Advanced Service-Learning Training,—for 45 hours of professional development.

Institute Tuition and Special Rates
Early registration rates are available for individuals and teams. If reimbursement is an issue, payment deferral is an option during the online registration process. Tuition includes all training materials, and catered lunches. [see current tuition rates] The tuition fee does NOT include lodging.

service learning training
service learning training
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