Over the past decade, we’ve talked with K-16 and community based educators about teaching, learning, building community—what really matters most to them. Voices of the Institute is a series of excerpts from these ongoing conversations. These educators teach in schools across the U.S. and around the world. They have participated in CWl Institutes, and site based trainings and events at their schools. The themes and focus of our conversations offer crucial common threads, describing a shared vision of deeply connected and engaged education and how we get there.

Common themes include the importance of Place Based Service-Learning, Student Voice, Reciprocity, Teaching for Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and “Getting Students Out of The Bubble” We encourage your use of these short video clips at faculty meetings, parent nights, etc. knowing that they will echo and reinforce the urgency of your own local efforts.  contact us

*Many thanks to Michael Hanish and Free Lunch Productions for his long term support.

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