Place as the Context, Service-Learning as the Strategy, Sustainability as the Goal

CWI Institutes are powerful learning labs for K-16 educators, centered on using Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability as a teaching strategy. Join inspired educators from across the U.S. and beyond for expert training and guidance in a rich collaborative design learning environment.

CWI’s 2019 Summer EAST and WEST Institutes
FULL Scholarships for Program-Team Leaders

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“The Place Based Service-Learning development our educators experienced
through CWI and Joe Brooks was truly transformational at Mulberry
School. CWI provides a pragmatic and focused vision, using powerful and
reflective exercises to help propel a school’s best practices and
curriculum forward
Jane Murphy, Head of School,
Mulberry School, Silicon Valley, California

Professional Development for K-16

We provide customized training and planning events, on-site, for local schools, across the U.S., and internationally.

community works journal

CWI's Digital Magazine
for K-16 Educators

We publish Community Works Journal in support of educational practices that build community. We focus on Place Based Education, Service-Learning, Sustainability, and related themes.

service learning training

2019 Summer Institutes for Educators
on Place Based Service-Learning

Join K-16 educators from across the U.S. and beyond for a an inspiring week in our acclaimed design lab atmosphere.

“Joe Brooks and Community Works Institute (CWI), have formed a powerful collaborative network of educators dedicated to empowering youth to become agents of change within their communities.

CWI provides the time and space for educators to intentionally and intensely focus on creating real-life experiences to enhance classroom learning, push students to think critically about the root causes of social issues, and provide local communities with support and resources.”

Hannah Rouche, Director of Service-Learning
University of Chicago Laboratory School

Upcoming Events

Voices of the Institute

A library of video shorts, comprised of a diverse group of K-16 educators speaking clearly to the power and importance of Place Based Service-Learning in 21st Century education. Perfect for inspiring other educators, parents, and students, helping you connect big ideas for teaching and learning at your own local level.

“The Institute deeply touched me. I loved working with all of the diverse professionals present, enriching, open minded, knowledgeable, and caring people. It impacted me, therefore it was meaningful, I’m owning it and I’m taking it with me!”
Lilia Vargas, Teacher
The American School Foundation, A.C.
Mexico City, Mexico

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