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Conditions That Support Teacher Learning (PDF)
created by David Leo-Nyquist

The Ping Pong Protocol: a Consultancy for Groups (PDF)
The purpose of this protocol is to assist a group in having substantive discussion about an issue that all of its members collectively face.

Pocket Guide to Probing Questions (PDF)
The distinction between clarifying questions and probing questions is very difficult for most people working with protocols. So is the distinction between probing questions and recommendations for action.

Articles by VTSRI Faculty and Associates
NOTE: In our work we are using the term “SRI facilitator” in a very specific way to refer to those people who are experienced Critical Firends Group (CFG) coaches and who have completed the preparation required to facilitate CFG Coaches’ Seminars. We use the term “CFG coach” to refer to a much larger group of people who have participated in a Coaches’ Seminar and are engaged in some way in coaching a CFG. We’re using these terms in order to clarify different kinds of roles and responsibilities within the common body of work that we’re all engaged in, not to establish an unnecessary sense of hierarchy.

"Dig Into a Goldmine: Tools for Teacher Collaboration"
by Margaret MacLean
Teaching Matters: The Magazine of Spectrum Education -Spring 2010 PDF

Perspectives from Research: A History of the Vermont School Reform Initiative Our early Work as a Center of Activity & SRI as a Hybrid Reform (PDF)
by David Leo-Nyquist
"The focus of SRI was on getting the concept of professional community into the water supply of a school."
–Faith Dunne & Frank Honts (2000)

Exploring Possible Applications of Peer Observation in Our Work as Coaches and Facilitators (PDF)
by David Leo-Nyquist
How can we use peer observation to help us grow in our roles as coaches and facilitators? That was the question that emerged for us when we began using peer observation in our specific context here in Vermont. We hope that our descriptions and our questions can help all of us think more clearly and deeply about our coaching and facilitator roles.

Introducing and Practicing Peer Observation with New Coaches (PDF)
by Edorah Frazer

Partner Fishbowl: A Structure to Start and Deepen the Conversation
(PDF)by Melissa Kagle

The American School in Japan: Using Critial Firends Protocols in an International School Setting (PDF)
by Margaret MacLean

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