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Connecting Service Learning to the Curriculum:
A Workbook for Teachers and Administrators

Includes a NEW section on Education for Sustainability, along with an expanded series of curriculum exemplars.

PRICE: $29.95 USD • 8" x 10"
ISBN-10: 0-97135834 134 pages

Comprehensive and effective, this resource guide is a must have for any educator who is serious about using service as a learning experience. Created by teachers for teachers, this guide coherently integrates service-learning and sustainability. Now in use by teachers in every U.S. state and international schools, the Workbook provide a model for service-learning that will support your efforts, at both the instructional and organizational level. An invaluable tool for educators using community service, service-learning, and/or sustainability in their program, whether you are in a start-up phase, or working to enhance an existing program. Connecting Service-Learning to the Curriculum is also ideal for in-school and program training events and as a curriculum planning and evaluation guide.

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Community Works Journal Digital Magazine
community works journala resource for K-16 and community educators. Community Works Journal actively supports reflective documentation from the field with the intention of making the work of educators available in a shared public forum. Our focus includes place based service-learning, and education for sustainability.

subscribe"I’m so glad Community Works Journal has managed to survive so many years, especially in these difficult times...key reasons for its survival are the consistently high quality of the articles and their immediate usefulness to teachers.

"This is a resource that truly speaks to teachers with excellent, provocative ideas. I’ve been using articles from it in my own teaching of teachers on the graduate level for some time now and students always find those readings especially helpful. This is an important contribution to those of us who see the classroom and the school as inextricably linked to the life of the community. Thanks for keeping it going!"
Steve Seidel, Ed.D , Director of Project Zero
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Now available on-line at no cost, as a service to the educational community.

Real Teachers: True Stories of Renegade Educators

For a new teachers, Real Teachers, is a must read, and with haste before the educational system wears you into their decided groove. For veteran teachers (especially those in the public school arena) this book will restore faith in what you know is “real teaching” over the consistent drone of data driven instruction and assessments that dominates most school led professional dialogue. It is a book for all stakeholders invested in education including parents, administration and even students. Education’s rich history is currently being condensed to a very narrow and constricted agenda—succumbing to the rush for standardization. read full review




turning the tideTurning the Tide: Inspiring Concern for Other
and the Common Good through College Admissions

—FREE from Harvard Graduate School of Education

This important publication represents the first time that a broad coalition of colleges and universities have joined forces in a unified effort calling for widespread change in the college admissions process. The report includes concrete recommendations to reshape the college admissions process and promote greater ethical engagement among aspiring students, reduce excessive achievement pressure, and level the playing field for economically disadvantaged students. It is the first step in a two-year campaign that seeks to substantially reshape the existing college admissions process. download this publication (FREE)

FREE ON-LINE PUBLICATIONS from Community Works Institute (CWI's digital magazine for educators)

Site Level Best Practices for Service-Learning [1 page summary*]

Instructional Best Practices for Service-Learning [1 page summary*]

Service-Learning & Assessment Guide: A Field Guide for Teachers
A comprehensive guide for assessing service-learning activities.
—multi-part format allows selective chapters to be accessed.

Linking Service-Learning and the Common Core State Standards: Alignment, Progress, and Obstacles
—published by Education Commission of the States) download full report (pdf)

The Brain: Implications for Teaching and Learning (FULL PDF)
—Aristotle was right when he said, “There is nothing in the intellect that has not been in the senses before.” A classroom teacher explores what recent brain research tells us about learning and teaching.

Chart of Brain Givens and Learning Implications

• A Teacher's Thoughts on the Brain

• The Mechanics of the Brain l Brain Chart

• Brain Givens and Learning Implications

• The Brain and Service-Learning

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