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REFLECTIONS and COMMENTS from CWI Alums Since 1995, K-16 participants attending CWI trainings, workshops and retreats, and Summer Institutes have been inspired, deepened their practice, and extended their thinking around Place Based Service-Learning and sustainability. For three decades our Summer Institutes in Burlington , Vermont and Los Angeles have drawn inspired educators from across the U.S. and around the world.

Our work is grounded in helping K-16 educators and schools connect students to the local community as learners and student citizens. CWI professional development experiences represent a powerful and collaborative learning process that reminds us "why we teach".
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University of Texas at Dallas
“This was life changing. I am invigorated to go back to my university and plant the seed of service-learning. I learned so much more than I expected! I now want to be a cheerleader at my university for service-learning! This was so much more hands-on than any workshop I have ever attended."
—Leah Barfield, Academic Project Manager
School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
The University of Texas at Dallas

Punahou School, Hawaii
“This was the best Institute or conference that I have ever attended! I am newly inspired! I will start the school year with many ideas that I am excited to share and try. I also feel I can be clearer in promoting service-learning in my school."
—Terry Yamamoto-Edwards, Science Teacher
Asstistant Director, Luke Center for Public Service
Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii

Newark Public Schools, New Jersey
“Amazing, supportive and great energy from the facilitator. Joe Brooks showed us how to move across the spectrum of service-learning, from teacher driven to student driven.”
—Tonia Robinson, Psychologist/Educator
Newark Public Schools, New Jersey

International School of Dakar, Senegal
“Very inspiring! I really appreciate the lessons, suggestions, and tools I received from Community Works Institute. Thanks for your insight and vision. My ambition has gone beyond, to working with our local community at a natural level.”
—Ibra Kadim, Director of Service-Learning and Culture
International School of Dakar, Senegal

Los Angeles Unified School District

“CWI’s Institute revitalized my love and outlook on teaching, inspiring me to get way outside the box and get down to the fun loving business of ‘real’ education.”
—Sonja Williams, Middle School Teacher
Los Angeles Unified School District

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
"Joe Brooks and CWI, have formed a powerful collaborative network of educators dedicated to empowering youth to become agents of change within their communities. CWI provides the time and space for educators to intentionally and intensely focus on creating real-life experiences to enhance classroom learning, push students to think critically about the root causes of social issues, and provide local communities with support and resources."
—Hannah Rouche, Service-Learning Director
University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

Hamilton Terrace High School

“What I got from CWI's Summer Institute was for more than I hoped for. It was too valuable to have missed. I think of the week in Vermont as the first step in a fantastic adventure. Thank You!”
—Mary Drexler, Teacher, Hamilton Terrace HS
Shreveport, Louisiana

The Bush School, Seattle
“I was inspired by the energy, depth, and passion of the CWI faculty! Service-Learning will no longer be an “add-on” but an embedded and extensive part of my curriculum.”
—Rosemary Wheeler, 5th Grade Math Teacher
The Bush School, Seattle

“I am delighted to report that have created a very thorough plan to strengthen our K-12 service-learning programs.
—Janet Bisignano, First Grade Teacher
The Bush School, Seattle

Park Tudor School, Indiana
“CWI’s Institute changed the lens through which I view teaching, curriculum, and my students. My approach will change and I will start building a stronger community in my classroom that celebrates each student. I will be a different teacher and person”
—Karen Ayres, 3rd Grade Teacher
Park Tudor School, Indiana

Cornell University
“I got some serious inspiration at the Institute and I have great ideas to bring home.”
—Austin Fay, Pre K-12 Program Director
Cornell University, New York

Antioch University, Los Angeles
“The faculty was stellar! The Institute was transformational. I was inspired and empowered to be with so many likeminded educators doing so many great things with students. The Institute was powerful and imaginative. My biggest moment was realizing that “this can be done!’ ”
—Angela Vincent, Graduate Student
Antioch University, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Unified School District
“I feel inspired, re-invigorated, and empowered. I am able now to include service-learning and sustainability in all aspects of my teaching.
—Matthew French, Middle School Teacher
Los Angeles Unified School District

University of Massachusetts
“I feel energized to expand my practice and use more ‘outside the box’ strategies. My goals were fulfilled in unique ways.”
—Carol Soules, Program Director
University of Massachusetts

Los Angeles Unified School District
“Transformative! This will be the centerpiece of my pedagogy and practice. Inspiring students is a re-invigorated part of my vision. My students will be heard and they will have voices as active agents in the world.”
—Paul Lowe, 4th Grade Teacher
MacArthur Park Elementary
Los Angeles Unified School District

University of Chicago Lab School
“CWI’s Institute was great! It provided a solid foundation for transforming community service to more thoughtful and impactful learning experiences.”
—Tom Luthy, Middle School Math Teacher
University of Chicago Lab School

American School Of Guadalajara
“I believe you touched many hearts and will start movements around the school. This was a very good session. Thank you for giving us the motivation! I now think it’s possible and have the willingness to do so.”
—Ana Gabriella Ochoa Arias, Teacher
American School Of Guadalajara

Campbell Hall School, Los Angeles
“The Institute inspired me and reinforced the “why’ of teaching while informing the “what’. It showed me that I’m a part of a larger community of educators who care about the things that I care about. I have a new mission”
—Jonny Rodgers, Director of Service-Learning
Campbell Hall School, Los Angeles

Presidio Trust, San Francisco
“Wonderful and expansive, this immersion among amazing professionals! Chock full of ideas and inspiration, with the power of service-learning to effect societal change. Profound integration of all my interests and passions with a wonderful faculty. Fantastic!”
—Rebeka Berkov, Field Specialist
Environmental & Outdoor Education Program
The Presidio Trust, San Francisco

Inter-American Magnet School
“Transformative work during the week. I will use this process and knowledge to change how our school gets students involved in their community. I found myself becoming even more determined about the role that service-learning can have in our school. The instructors were really tuned into the group’s mastery of the concepts. Thank you for taking a leadership role.”
—Vernita Vallez, Principal
Inter-American Magnet School
Chicago, Illinois

Westminster School, Atlanta
You make the five day commitment worth it” The professional level and organization/preparation certainly distinguish you from other experiences I’ve had. This Institute is a sustainability model in itself. I really thought you hit the mix dead on.”
—Leitzel Schoen, , Service-Learning Director
Westminster School, Atlanta, Georgia

University of Minnesota
“Community Works Institutes are among the best professional development opportunities to prepare teachers for deep community engagement and democratic teachings. I'm thankful for the passion and quality Joe brings to make us all better people and better educators.”
—James C. Toole, Senior Fellow,
University of Minnesota
President, Compass Institute

Friends Seminary of New York
“I have a strict science curriculum, but I now have many ideas for integration of service-learning. I have been interested in this more holistic way of teaching and now I know where to start. Thank you for a wonderful week I am excited to share my knowledge with my colleagues.”
—Amanda Ingrassia
5/6 Science & Math Teacher
Friends Seminary, New York, NY

The Brearley School
“My thinking changed drastically over the course of the conference; I am now more confident that implementing a service-learning program is feasible for Brearley. I will take what we learned and get teachers at my school on board!”
—Stacey Duchak
Director of Community Service
The Brearley School, New York

New Providence High School
“I did want to let you know how much I appreciated the thought and work that went into the Institute.  I learned more than I ever anticipated and look forward to moving ahead in my own program and in my school.  I have been truly enriched by the experience. The week I spent with CWI was both affirming and transformative for me.  I would absolutely recommend the Institute as an open and accepting forum for educators to learn. THANK YOU !!!!”
—Susan Kirkland, Vocal/Choral Teacher
New Providence High School, New Jersey

Georgetown International School
“Through teamwork at the Institute, my challenges turned out to be my biggest advances. My enthusiasm for service-learning has grown ten fold. The Institute was beyond my expectations.”
—Saidy Godette, Social Studies Teacher (5-8)
Georgetown International School, Guyana, SA

Miami University of Ohio
“Facilitators had a very high level (and passionate) understanding and practical application. I will use CWI’s Site Level Plan going forward….I really benefited from the week, and I am excited about developing and implementing the Site Level Plan….Encouraged by the colleagues I met and reenergized to deepen the work through co-constructed evaluation and assessment.”
—Monica Ways, Dir. of Community Engagement
Miami University of Ohio

American School of The Hague
“Great mix of people to work with. What was most useful was working with everyone to refine my own understanding of the process, the challenges, and the possibilities.”
—Bart Dankaerts, Grade 6 Social Studies
American School of The Hague
The Netherlands

Fontana Unified School District   
“I would recommend the Institute for teachers and administrators interested in bringing service-learning into the classroom. I have decided to incorporate service-learning into the upcoming school year.”
—Carly Chavez, High School Science Teacher
Fontana Unified School District           
Fontana, California

American School Foundation of Monterrey
“This was more practical and more reflective than other service-learning trainings. The understanding of the facilitators was extremely high. They are experts in the field! I leave with tons of learning that will allow me to reach goals I set for myself. This will benefit my students!”
—Patricio Saenz Flores        
American School Foundation of Monterrey
HS Social Studies Teacher/Psychologist
Monterrey, Mexico

Chicago Virtual Charter School
“A week with brilliant, compassionate, and supportive educators inspired me to plunge into the school year with a strong plan to implement service-learning.”
—Sue Vasilic, High School Lead Teacher
Chicago Virtual Charter School
Chicago, Illinois

Family House Academy
“The week was full of amazing opportunities to challenge my thinking. This was great professional development because of the opportunity for application. Thank you for providing our team with this experience.”
—Lisa Mustion, Director
Family House Academy
Kelso, Washington

American School of Warsaw
“I found the Institute inspirational, providing me with tools to improve Service-Learning in my school  I really appreciated the whole experience. What really made the largest impact was our group working together for five days. It was amazing to be a part of such a dedicated and determined group of educators. I have a feeling that I’ve grown so much in such a short period of time. So many questions answered and some just evolved.”
—Ligita Stawarz, Service-Learning Director
American School of Warsaw, Poland

American Youth Policy Forum
“I would recommend CWI's Institute to others because it builds deeper knowledge of service-learning while organically establishing a network of support and knowledge.”
—Sara Pearson, Program Director
American Youth Policy Forum, Washington, DC

Community High School of Vermont
“Amazing faculty—insightful, professional, kind and generous—truly ‘into’ it.”The Institute was respectful of our personal voice, allowed time for all to participate while at the same time keeping it focused and productive. This has been great and I will highly recommend to my collagues.
—Claire Swaha, Correctional Instructor
Community High School of Vermont

Fundacion Educativa Ingalterra 
“Very help ful in forming a clear vision of accomplishments through service-learning. The most significant  piece was being able to figure out a vision for a whole school program.”
—Michael Mackenna
Director of Social Responsibility
Fundacion Educativa Ingalterra           
Bogata, Columbia, SA

Polk County School District
“It was a highly educational and life-changing experience! Something that will stand out in my mind as a cherished memory! The passion and awareness the faculty (and participants) have for their calling in life was the most significant aspect of the week. The faculty has an excellent and wide range of expertise. They we were tremendously flexible and available.
Barbara Huffstutler, Service Learning Facilitator
Polk County School District

Los Angeles Unified School District
“What you are doing is wonderful! The Institute encompassed community building within itself while presenting the knowledge and understanding of service-learning. Working with the Institute’s best practice study groups I was able to share my vision and acquire input from dynamic individuals. Thank you.”
—Iyaunna Towery, Teacher
Los Angeles Unified School District

Colchester High School
“This has been the best Institute…everyone involved was interesting with quality characters with great attitudes and skills…. I’m proud to be a small part.” The facilitators were all great—very accomplished and will do anything for you.” I really can’t compare the Institute to anything…. I’m excited to start my 40th year of teaching!”
—Courtney Van Kleeck, Social Studies Teacher
Colchester High School, Vermont

Providence Day School
“It has reenergized me and given me focus, direction, and concrete action steps. I now feel like things have been broken down into manageable pieces, with clear goals.”:
—Danielle Ferguson
Dir. of Multicultural Affairs & Social Responsibility
Providence Day School
Charlotte, North Carolina

Lake Forest Academy
The facilitators were excellent, great material, well presented. I would definitely recommend CWI’s Institute.”
—Sarah Collins, Director of Service Learning
Lake Forest Academy, Chicago, Illinois

IMAGINE School House
“I really LOVED this week. I have gained so much insight into the world of service-learning and sustainability. I have found a passion, which will transform my whole teaching style. The setting was amazing, the people were unbelievable, and the sense of community was fabulous.”
Jessica Tomkowicz, Teacher
—IMAGINE School House
Colchester, Vemont

The Out of Door Academy
“I loved the experience, the participants, the ideas, the thoughtful planning, and the energy and synergy of the group. I am much more conscious now of the deeper and broader vision of service-learning. I also made great friends in the process and know that my new colleagues will provide ongoing support as I try to implement what I learned at CWI. It was an amazing week!
—Marnie Howell, Chair World Languages
The Out of Door Academy, Sarasota, FL

The Green Vale School
“The experience was stimulating, invigorating, eye opening, and empowering! The ‘quality’ of participants was way above par and our overall expectations were not only met but exceeded. CWI’s instructors were outstanding, approachable, learned, and flexible.”
—Valerie Field and Corinne Maron, Teachers
The Green Vale School, New York

Poly Prep School of Brooklyn
“I would absolutely recommend CWI’s Institute. I hope to bring a whole team next year. I now have a direction in which to take my program. We are moving from a community service model toward service-learning. I’ve gained confidence in my belief that we should move in this direction. The facilitators’ understanding was strong, sensible, and practical.”
—N. Elijah Sivin, Dean of Student Life,
Poly Prep School, Brooklyn, New York

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
"CWI’s Summer Institute was the perfect chance to practice lifelong learning together, prepare us for another year of our growing environmental education programs, and reaffirm what we all believe—that giving students a chance to not just learn about our local environment but actually improve it, is the key to fostering the park stewards and engaged citizens of the future."
—Marijke Hecht, Director of Education
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

University of California, Irvine
“CWI's philosphy of community engagement and shared authentic assessment is revolutionary.”
—Lance Langdon, Literature and Composition
University of California, Irvine

Round the World with Us
“Thank you for dedicating your time, energy, and passion and providing teachers with the practical tools to be successful. Your work can truly lead to lasting change in the world! The facilitators have a level of understanding and experience that, when combined with the opportunity for deep on-site collaboration, provides an experience that is incredibly valuable.”
—Teresa Keller, Executive Director
Round the World with Us
San Francisco, CA

Norfolk State University
“I will always be grateful for my training at CWI’s Summer Institute. Your team of experts in the field of Service-Learning gave me the foundation, and exemplary Best Practices needed to build sustainability for our program.”
—Amelia Ross-Hammond, Professor of Music
Coordinator of S-L and Civic Engagement
Norfolk State University, Virginia

Upper Canada College Prep
“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CWI’s Summer Institute finding it extremely helpful….I found CWI’s manual and templates to be very useful. These will be key tools for making recommendations to my administration in terms of important action steps, and in terms of documenting and evaluation our progress in integrating Service-learning…. I also appreciated the clarity with which place-based education, service-learning and sustainability were linked (as context, strategy, goal).”
—Jill Stewart, French Teacher
Coordinator of Community Service
Upper Canada College Prep, Toronto

Kansas City Art Institute
I can't over state the importance of this event to my vision and enthusiasm for taking Community Arts Service-Learning, way beyond its current status on campus….The right blend of new and reinforcing information with time to reflect and integrate into other thinking is very valuable. The time to plan and the supporting activities is a highlight of the week….The organizational support of the Instructional and Site Level Best Guides will make my planning easier and more productive.”
—Julie Metzler, Director
Career,  Community Arts, and Service-Learning
Kansas City Art Institute, Missouri

Santa Catalina School
“I have come back to my job, my colleagues and students confident that I will be able to enhance our current service activities by finding entry points for increased learning and relationship building. Thank you—glad to be part of CWI’s Summer Institute.
—Chris Haupt, Director of Student Life
Santa Catalina School, Monterrey, CA

Brooklyn College
“Every one of you is experienced, accomplished, articulate and eager to share with others….very flexible and patient despite great demands on your time and energy. I recommend the Institute. Anyone interested in employing service-learning as a tool would benefit from the theoretical framework, practical applications, examples and individual discussions of project plans.”
Pieranna Pieroni, College Now Director
Brooklyn College, NYC

Trinity School of Durham
"I LOVED this Institute! As important as the formal teaching was, I learned at least as much from colleagues. I was impressed with the caliber of participant colleagues. The amount and depth of information delivered is outstanding.”
Lori Easterlin, S-L Coordinator
Trinity School of Durham & Chapel Hill, North Carolina The Mulberry School, of Silicon Valley
“I feel like I am looking at education through a new lens. I am leaving with a new perspective. Connecting with outstanding passionate educators from across the U.S. was incredible.”
Debi Sabo, Teacher
Mulberry School, Los Gatos, California

“A rich and informative experience that deepened my understanding of service-learning. I found power from knowing and interacting with this community of educators!”
—Halina Gallagher, 5th Grade Teacher
Mulberry School, Los Gatos, California

“The Institute connected me with so many likeminded folks from around the world. This propelled me to get myself in gear!
—Amber Ashford, Teacher
Mulberry School, Los Gatos, California

Future of Life
“Wonderful! I found it delicious to find so many spirited educators who have a wide and deep understanding of the possibility of what education can be.”
—Hope Hawkins, Project Manager
Future of Life, Wilmington, DE


Paulo Freire School, Newark
“This Institute was a great way to build on the energy of common purpose. It was inspirational realizing that we share the same questions in isolation. Joe Brooks understands social justice as a field of study and the necessity to proactively address real issues.”
—Sean Lloyd, High School Teacher
Paulo Freire School, Newark, New Jersey

Mulberry School, of Silicon Valley
"The Service Learning and Place Based Educational practices our educators experienced through CWI and Joe Brooks was truly transformational at Mulberry School. CWI provides a pragmatic and focused vision, using powerful and reflective exercises to help propel a school’s best practices and curriculum forward. Much gratitude to CWI for providing us with such a rich and ‘awe’ of inspiration opportunity to network and work with like minded educators around the world."
—Jane Murphy, Assistant Head of School
Mulberry School, Los Gatos, California

“I now feel really prepared to take our projects and go deep in implementing service-learning. The big thing was my shift in understanding the importance of place based learning. Lots of growth in a safe and caring community. Thank you Joe, such humility and grace!”
—Judy Quigley, Teacher
Mulberry School, Los Gatos, California

“Bravo! What a rich experience we had together! Reciprocity and relationships are key with service-learning. The Institute was full of wonderful resources and connections to likeminded educators. This was thorough and deep.”
—Jane Murphy, Director of Curriculum/Supervision
Mulberry School, Los Gatos, California

University of Texas at Austin
“A wonderful week of learning and processing. Joe understood every aspect of service-learning that came up but also always allowed the group to add from their own knowledge and experience.
—Terri Vaughn, ESL Instructor
University of Texas at Austin

Harmony Union School District, California
“I am really so impressed by the diversity of global educators you bring together and I am so grateful for all the energy, time, and effort you put into making this such a valuable experience for so many!”
—Kaelyn Ramsden, K-8 School Garden Coordinator
Harmony Union School District, California

“I’m walking away with a much better understanding of service-learning and what to consider when creating a project, especially around community investment and stakeholder buy-in”
—Allison Graves, 5th Grade Teacher
Harmony Union School District, California

Walden School, Pasadena
“Great modeling of place based teaching to help students learn the essential skills! I loved the idea of using visual art to bring people together to create social change!”
—Janet Thometz, Lead Teacher
Walden School, Pasadena, California

University of Canterbury, New Zealand
“I came away with a huge number of ideas and experiences that I will be able to apply in my personal and professional life. The instructor was excellent!”
—Helena Power, Doctoral Candidate
Community Engagement Program
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

The Seven Hills School, California
“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. The curriculum planning clinic was awesome!
—Deborah Frerk-DeMaria, Spanish Teacher
The Seven Hills School, California

Miss Porter's School, Connecticut
"This was one of the most informative, useful, and relevant PD events I have ever attended! I came away with a deep understanding of sustainability and the importance of place in our service efforts. Fabulous faculty with great knowledge and generous in sharing information, successes, and failures.”
—Vera Polacek, Dean of Students
Miss Porter's School
Farmington, Connecticut

Cushing Academy, Massachusetts

“This was so informative and inspiring. The faculty was deeply experienced. The knowledge I’m taking with me will be put to use immediately!
—Shawn Gehbardt, Academic Support Teacher
Cushing Academy, Massachusetts

Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta
“The ideas around how to retool our programs to tie into service-learning was the most significant point for me! Joe was so knowledgeable and a delight to spend the week with!
—Ciara Rowley, Program Director for Education and Children’s Ministries
Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, Georgia

Emma Willard School, Troy
“Very inspirational and informative! The community ethnography component was amazing. I will absolutely use this. I understand where and how service-learning fits into our school’s framework.”
—Gemma Halfi, Service-Learning Director
Emma Willard School, Troy, New York

The Steward School, Richmond
“My a-ha moment was ‘don’t be afraid to fail’ I learned what I needed to move forward and I’m excited to share the ideas with coworkers.”
—Cindy Grissom, Art Teacher
The Steward School
Richmond, Virginia

Trinity School, Atlanta
“I have a new lens through which to view our existing service-learning program. I really enjoyed the content and the time to interact with like-minded educators”
—Julianne Schaaf, 1st Grade Teacher
Trinity School, Atlanta, Georgia

Union Elementary School, Vermont
“Thoughtful and inspiring. A wonderful week! I have a much better understanding of how to implement service-learning and the confidence to make it happen!”
—Nancy Mears, Elementary Teacher
Union Elementary School
Montpelier, Vermont

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, North Carolina
“CWI’s Framework and Best Practices for Service-Learning are a great resource and something I will use over and over again!”
—Roxanne Friday, English Curriculum Specialist
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, North Carolina

Robert College of Istanbul
“I have been telling everyone that the Community Works Institute was the PERFECT professional development for me. It’s true. This Institute was the best example I have yet seen of going from theory to actual practice. You have given us the theory but also real tools , time, and advice on how to make the ideas actually work back in our home environments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
—Jennifer Sertel, Outreach Director
Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey

The Lawrenceville School
“CWI gave me the opportunity to go deep in my understanding of service-learning and the way it can transform education. The Institute had an important balance of speakers, workshops, and opportunities to learn from the wisdom of my colleagues. This Institute has given me a framework with which to return to my community with concrete ideas on how to implement service-learning.”
—Elizabeth Ferguson, High School Teacher
The Lawrenceville School, NJ

Christ Presbyterian Academy
“CWI’s Institute has made a huge change in the way I think about service-learning. I already have a heart for service and lifelong learning—now I have the tools I need to practice these strategies and articulate my passion to others.”
—Megan Blalock, MS Director of Student Services
Christ Presbyterian Academy
Nashville, Tennessee

The Anglo-American School of Moscow
“My hope when I signed on to attend the Institute was to walk away with a better understanding of how service-learning worked in different schools and to take away some ideas or strategies that I can share with my colleagues. Happily, I accomplished both goals and as a surprise take-away, I now have a draft of a plan that I can present to the school’s administration that includes steps towards institutionalizing service-learning at the school.
—Donna Moreau, MS Humanities Teacher
Service-Learning Director
The Anglo-American School of Moscow, Russia

Doane Stuart School
“This was a wonderful week! I am rejuvenated. The facilitators were brilliant and with vast experience.”
Nathaniel Corwin
—5/6 Language Arts/Religion
Doane Stuart School
Rensselaer, New York

Portland College
“This was easily the best ‘conference’ I’ve ever attended! It balanced ‘knowledge learning’ with focused quality time to meet individual’s specific needs. The facilitators had an amazing level of experience and understanding.
—Diane Shingledecker, CBL Coordinator /
Computer Applications Instructor
Portland College, Oregon

Winooski School District

“CWI’s Institute is a solid pedagogical experience that holistically addresses many initiatives.”
—James Pape, District Evaluator for Special Ed
Winooski School District, Vermont

American School of Sofia
"It inspired and motivated me while also providing some very useful and valuable resources to help build our service-learning work. It was logical and very practical, user friendly and not overwhelming.”
—Edgar Miranda, Principal
American School of Sofia, Bulgaria

The Mabin School of Toronto
"An excellent Institute which used a variety of resources to engage and teach. Thanks for a great and positive experience!”
—Kim McInnnes, Principal
The Mabin School, Toronto, Canada

Robinson Community Learning Center
of South Bend

“I really enjoyed learning with a great group of professionals. The topics were fantastic. I wanted to learn, and I did!”
—Velshonna Luckey, Youth Program Director
Robinson CLC, South Bend, Indiana

Wells Memorial School
“This Institute has made me appreciate who I am and who I want to become as an educator and learner…. The whole week was truly inspiring and rewarding—from the people, the information to the food and fun and laughter. Thank you once again for a rewarding week that will stay in my mind and soul forever.”
—Krista Zielinski, Spanish Teacher
Wells Memorial School, NH

School of the Holy Child
“The first important lesson I learned from this institute is the value of just rolling up one’s sleeves and starting. I came away with excellent resources. I am motivated, inspired, and rejuvenated and can’t wait to get to work!
—Kathryn Taylor, Teacher
School of the Holy Child, Rye, New York

Punahou School
“I loved the week! I enjoyed time to build relationships and friendships with these folks a half a world away. CWI’s Institute allows for personal and professional growth which includes significant reflection time and time for deep conversations.
—Dan Gaudiano, High School Science Teacher
Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Gillispie School of La Jolla
“I feel empowered! Thank you! It was wonderful to see and feel the sincerity of the faculty
for service-learning.”
—Kathleen Harte, Teacher
The Gillispie School, La Jolla, California

The American School Foundation
“The Institute re-sparked ideas that had been lying dormant. Working with CWI’s Best Practices helped me to realize what our program needs are.”
—Suzanne Blum Grundyson, Specialist
The American School Foundation
Colonia Las Americas, Mexico City

Moss Point, Mississippi
"I am embarking on an exciting adventure, armed with new strategies and a refreshed viewpoint of education.CWI’s Institute has helped me refine and strengthen my teaching skills. A wonderful experience!"
—Margot Glenos, East Park Elementary Teacher
Moss Point, Mississippi

St. Margaret's Episcopal School
“I’m now at a point where I’m feeling confident and ready to get going, share my experiences with my school, and implement at school. CWI helped me reach this place. I’ve never attended a conference with as much communal learning and feedback. I feel excited and ready to move forward.”
—Holly Reilly, Director of MS Community Life
St. Margaret's Episcopal School
San Clemente, California

American School of Budapest
“Excellent! This has motivated me to get to the next level. Thank you so much for the best professional development I’ve ever had!”
—Marc LaVoie, Dean of Students
American School of Budapest

Desert View High School
“I feel like I’m coming away with a much deeper understanding of what service-learning is. It has been excellent to connect with a wide variety of likeminded educators.”
—Taylor Johnson, English Teacher
Desert View High School, Tucson, Arizona

University of Canterbury of New Zealand
“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CWI and commend you on facilitating a deeply meaningful week for all of us.”
—Billy O’Steen, Academic Lead for
Integrated Learning, & Research
School of Educational Studies and Leadership
College of Education, University of Canterbury
Christchurch, New Zealand

American School Of Guadalajara
“Our experience with CWI helped our staff learn how to better design service-learning projects in our school. As an administrator, I am definitely better prepared to work with and provide leadership in our school’s efforts to improve our service-learning program.”
—David Markman, Middle School Principal
American School Of Guadalajara

Chicanos Por la Causa
“This will help me to better reflect on my craft and network with likeminded people. “
—Luis H. Perales, Chicanos Por la Causa
Tucson, Arizona

Carlthorp School of Santa Monica
“Thank you so much for the thought provoking, inspiring, supportive and transformative experience. What a week to digest! Inspiring and transformative. The Institute changed and deepened my understanding of service-learning, creating another educational community for me to be a part of. I learned and grew a great deal as an educator.”
—Sheridan Edley, 6th Grade Teacher
Carlthorp School, Santa Monica, CA

Union Elementary
“Our week at CWI’s Summer East was an opportunity to begin a transformation. It was not until I stepped away, that I was able to see the roots that had been forming during the week. I really did need the understanding of the best practices for service-learning, and a better understanding of place based learning and sustainability. With this understanding, I am now able to collaborate with my PLC, and to incorporate the new learning into our practice.”
—Susan Koch, K-1 Teacher
Union Elementary, Montpelier, Vermont

Maplewood Richmond Heights Schools
"Great Connections! The facilitators’ level of understanding was stellar!
Patrice Bryan, Reading Specialist
—Maplewood Richmond Heights Schools
Maplewood, Missouri

“Great learning and sharing experience. It clarified and reinforced my grasp of service-learning. The small group setting was essential in viewing service-learning at a micro level.”
—José Luis Martinez, Waste Action Director
EarthTeam, Berkeley, California

American School of the Hague
“CWI gives participants a solid base in understanding service-learning as an approach to arrive at more sustainable communities. The instructors really made quality time for participants. This team approach kept us focused, invigorated, intrinsically motivated and energized,”
—Nicole Whelan, IB/CAS and S-L Coordinator
American School of the Hague, The Netherlands

St. Louis Country Day School
“I have to say that this was probably the nicest group of people I have ever encountered at a formal conference. I now know that I am not alone. This gives me a lot of confidence for the coming year, especially as I work with my colleagues to bring some structure to our existing programs and to push for more service-learning projects in our curriculum. I found it very refreshing to be part of such a caring group that really wanted to collaborate and help one another. I think both facilitators did a wonderful job of facilitating discussions and making sure that everyone had a chance to speak his/her mind.”
—Nancy Richardson, German and Women’s Studies
St. Louis Country Day School, Missouri

Franklin Road Academy
“I truly enjoyed myself on many levels. The setting was perfect, the food and fellowship were awesome. The outstanding group of teaching peers were so passionate about their work—inspiring the best in their students, faculty, staff, and community. What a blessing they were to me! I left knowing that I can and should be an agent for change at our academy.”
—Mike Street, Teacher
Franklin Road Academy, Nashville, Tennessee

Savannah Country Day School
“This week has been exhausting and rewarding.....The exchange of ideas has been motivating and encouraging. I will leave with high hopes for making our program one of the best in the southeast.”
—Marsha Lucas, Chemistry Teacher/Env. Science
Savannah Country Day School, Georgia

Union Elementary
The Institute will change not only my own metacognition about myself as an educator but it will change my teaching practices as well.”
—Melissa Pierce, 4/5 Teacher
Union Elementary, Montpelier, Vermont

Goffstown High School
"I came expecting knowledge and I am leaving with passion!
—Ray Dumais, Service-Learning Director
Goffstown High School, NH

Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority
“This workshop has given me more tools for my toolbox! An in depth look at service-learning where others just scratched the surface”
—Karen McMahan, Program Manager (K-12)
Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority
Morristown, Tennessee

Oxford Preparatory Academy
“I now have a plan of action to take back to administration and colleagues. I am beyond excited to bring my knowledge back and incorporate it into my classroom.”
—Gilanie Bayoneta, Professor
Oxford Preparatory Academy
Chino, California

South Burlington High School
“A wonderful opportunity to create a plan with a group of experienced people to assist you.”
—Erin Randall-Mullins, Health Educator
South Burlington HS, Vermont

Main Street Middle School, Montpelier
“Working with people from all over the country provided me with a unique and valuable perspective. Great resources and use of participant knowledge. The biggest change occurring through the week of the Institute was my attitude and understanding of what’s possible through service learning and the lens of sustainability.
—Don Taylor, Social Studies/Language Arts
Main Street Middle School, Montpelier, Vermont

Vistamar School
"Really a fantastic experience. Just being in a room of likeminded people is helpful. It’s given me a roadmap for recreating our program. It’s also given me new language for communicating with stakeholders.”
—Ann Petit, Director of Service-Learning
Vistamar School, El Segundo, California

Colegio Jorge Washington
“This was truly an example of people who love and understand learning. How special to have been a part of it. Thank you!”
—Erin Ruegg, Teacher
Colegio Jorge Washington
Columbia, South America

The Haverford School
"The most important component of my experience at CWI’s Institute was how it presented a new view for future service and service-learning, with tangible examples of how easily that knowledge can translate into a more responsible approach to each program and project we do.
—Jini Loos, SL Director
The Haverford School, Pennsylvania

Ashland School District
“Thank you for working through this process with us. I look forward to the opportunities our staff has for a new level of collaboration. The most significant point was having guided time to problem solve with colleagues about a collaborative focus/vision for our campus.”
—Robin Hawley, Teacher
Ashland School District, Oregon

Brookwood School
"It was a fantastic week on so many levels. I was humbled and energized at the same time. I am already passionate about service and this will help me to support others, get specific support from administrators, and do a better job myself. I feel more “credible” in my support of others and in reaching out to the community.  I am passionate about Service Learning. The Institute inspired me. It made me look deeper into how and why Service Learning can be meaningful in any classroom.”
—Karen Shorr, Primary Teacher
Brookwood School, Massachusetts

St. George's School of Montreal
“We had a chance to work on our own ‘stuff’ and get feedback from wise professionals. Thank you for a great week! I look forward to working with you again soon!”
—Megan Webster, High School SL Director
St. George's School of Montreal
Montreal, Quebec


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