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CWI's 2019 Summer WEST and Summer EAST Institutes
on Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability


CWI Institutes are about connecting academic and social-emotional goals with compelling student-centered learning projects, teaching empathy through community focused experiences. Expert training, experienced guidance and support, with inspired collaboration.

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Register by JULY 27th!
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CWI's 2019 Summer EAST Institute
on Place Based Service-Learning
and Sustainability
–2019 Registration is Open
—Register by JULY 27, w/ a PREMIUM Registration
The longest running Service-Learning training for educators in the world, Summer EAST is a powerful learning lab for educators, set amid the breathtaking summer landscape of northern Vermont. Experience a week of inspiration, expert training, and powerful collaborations with an exceptional group of colleagues.
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CWI's 2019 Summer WEST Institute
on Place Based Service-Learning
and Sustainability
–2019 Registration is Open
—Register by JULY 27, w/ a PREMIUM Registration
Bring your vision, program and project ideas to CWI's acclaimed learning and design lab. Summer WEST is set in one of the world's most vibrant, culturally rich urban settings. Join us for a transformative week of project and program design, expert training and guidance, field work, and inspired networking.
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An interview with CWI Summer Institute alumnus Matthew Budd
Community Action Director, at Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn
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Who Should Attend
Each year, our Institute community of participants includes a highly diverse group of K-16 teachers and administrators, from schools large and small, rural and urban, independent and public, along with community based educators. We emphasize strategies that create deep faculty, student, and community buy-in, with an eye toward long term success.

Since 1995, educators from across the U.S. and around the world have gathered at CWI's Summer Institutes as a powerful professional learning community, immersed in developing Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability focused education programs.

Our Areas of Focus and Connection>
register onlineCWI's Summer EAST and WEST Institutes provide a unique opportunity to understand why place based service-learning works, how it works, and how to use it most effectively with your students. The following are among the areas we will focus on at the Institute:

A Framework for Place Based Service-Learning • Getting to Real Reciprocity • Student Voice • Social Justice • Sustainable Communities • STEM Connections and Transdisciplinary Themes • Exploring Local Culture and History • Connecting S-L to Project Based Learning • K-16 Partnerships • Meaningful Reflection • Collaborative Ethnography as a Tool for Service • Gardens and Nutrition • Community Based Art • Creating Faculty and School Buy-In • Building a Successful Long Term Program

Place Based Service-Learning
is a strategy to explore your own community's unique characteristics of people, culture and place. With a focus on "place" we work to develop service-learning projects and programs that encourage reciprocity, empathy, student voice. We seek ultimately to bring the community together around common purpose, with students in the forefront of that process.

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An interview with CWI Summer Institute alumna Lisa Derrington
an elementary educator from Silicon Valley, California.

A Professional Learning and Design Lab
CWI Summer Institutes provide a rich collegial environment for professional learning, problem solving with peers, project planning, and inspiring support for your own project or program.

CWI Summer Institutes are appropriate for both veteran practitioners and "beginners." In addition to expert training, CWI's Summer Institute offers participants a synergy of ideas and experience drawn from the wealth of vision, talent, and experience represented.

The Institute is the perfect deep planning and development opportunity for your school team. special rates and teams

CWI Institutes are a unique experience, providing expert training, experienced guidance, and supportive collaboration in creating service focused curriculum and programs. Learn how to mesh your academic and social goals with compelling student-centered community projects. Participants will also have the opportunity through field based practicum work to gain powerful new skills for use in local community exploration with their own students.

Join inspired educators from across the U.S. and beyond at the Institute for a week of deeply fulfilling learning, planning work, and collaboration.

Tonya Williams, principal of urban Githens Middle School in Durham, North Carolina  shares how CWI's Summer Institute prepared her to go back and implement a deep approach to Service-Learning with real faculty buy-in.
Digging Below the Surface with Students, Finding the Real Community
When we think about service-learning it includes learning to explore and more fully understand and access our own local communities. To practice this skill, our work at Summer EAST and WEST involves peeling back the hidden and not so hidden layers of Los Angeles and Vermont, as an example of what is possible for students locally.

Just as any community possesses a multitude of levels and layers to be discovered and understood by students, our locations in Vermont and Los Angeles are no exceptions. Institute participants will have the opportunity to explore first hand a nearby community that is deeply challenged, but newly diverse and culturally rich. Going well beyond the superficial depictions of Vermont and Los Angeles in media and film, through field based practicum work we will gain powerful new skills for use in your own local community explorations and projects with students.

Project Based Learning and Service-Learning
register onlineProject-Based Learning (PBL) and Service-Learning are very complimentary approaches, involving a dynamic approach to learning through active exploration of real-world problem solving in the classroom.

Place Based Service-Learning possesses these characteristics, with the crucial addition that the focus is generally outside the classroom, with students using their academic knowledge and skills to explore and address genuine community needs. Service-Learning, like PBL, promotes student voice and choice as a way of supporting a student centered approach.

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We Also Provide Local On-Site Professional Development

We will work with your local school or organization to create high impact local professional development and faculty planning sessions, or a site based version of our Summer Institutes. Local faculty training and planning events are customized to fit each school's unique context and needs. More information on CWI professional development opportunities is available here. email CWI

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Our Partners Include

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