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"Voice of Educators"
–interviews with k-16 educators in support of service-learning.

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alumni testimonials
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"Voice of Educators"
–interviews with k-16 educators in support of service-learning.

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“You make the five day commitment worth it! I really thought you hit the mix dead on.”
Leitzel Schoen
Service-Learning Director
Westminster School, Atlanta

“Excellent! This has motivated me to get to the next level. Thank you so much for the best professional development I’ve ever had!”
Marc LaVoie, Teacher
American School of Budapest

“Transformative work during the week! I found myself becoming even more determined about the role that service-learning can have in our school.”
Vernita Vallez, Principal
Inter-American Magnet
Chicago, Illinois

“I can't over state the importance of this event to my vision and enthusiasm."
Julie Metzler, Director
Community Arts and Service
Kansas City Art Institute

“I believe you touched many hearts and will start movements around the school. This was a very good session. Thank you for giving us the motivation! I now think it’s possible and have the willingness to do so.”
Ana Gabriella Ochoa Arias
American School

“Through teamwork at the Institute, my challenges turned out to be my biggest advances. My enthusiasm for service-learning has grown ten fold. CWI's Institute was beyond my expectations.”
Saidy Godette
Social Studies Teacher
Georgetown Int'l School

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NEWS from Community Works Institute (CWI)

Celebrating 22 Years of Transformational Work
service learningCWI celebrates the important work being accomplished withlocal educators across the U.S. and internationally. We extend our appreciation to all of our workshop participants,partners, and to our contributors, and subscribers. We especially appreciate and applaud our Summer Institute alumni from the past two decades. Upcoming Summer Institute information is here.

“CWI’s Institute has made a huge change in the way I think about service-learning. I already have a heart for service and lifelong learning. Now I have the tools I need to practice these strategies and articulate my passion to others.”
Megan Blalock, MS Director of Student Services
Christ Presbyterian Academy
Nashville, Tennessee

CWI Supports Schools with On Site PD
Since 1995 Community Works Institute has supported a wide variety of schools, regional programs and organizations. Our events, resources and publications have supported educators from across the US, Canada, and around the world. We provide local on site consulting services, in-services, and trainings each year across the U.S. and internationally. Our program fee schedule is available on request.

CWI Celebrates Our 22nd Year of Transforming Teaching and Learning
service learningSummer Institutes on Place, Service-Learning, and Sustainable Communities take place each year in Los Angeles and Vermont. Join with K-16 and community educators from around the world for a week of exploration, learning, and practical curriculum design. Limited space exists for CWI's Summer EAST and WEST Institutes on Service-Learning. These events are appropriate for K-16 and community educators and administrators.
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“Wonderful! I found it delicious to find so many spirited educators who have a wide and deep understanding of the possibility of what education can be.”
Hope Hawkins, Project Manager
Future of Life, Wilmington, Delaware

instituteLA RiverLore! a Professional Development Project in Real Time—in Los Angeles, CA
LA RiverLore is an exciting new place based service-learning PD program, connecting schools and communities along the Los Angeles River. LA RiverLore will provide teachers in schools near the Los Angeles River with the training, inspiration, collaboration, and connections needed to create standards focused service-learning curriculum around the River and its neighborhoods. SPACE IS VERY LIMITED
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Partnering for Change in California
service learningWith its size and diversity, and many sustainability initiatives, California very often represents the best of the future in North America. CWI welcomes the California Environmental Education Community Network (CREEC) as a partner. CREEC is an educational project whose mission is to develop a communication network which provides educators with access to "high quality" environmental education resources to enhance the environmental literacy of California Students. We are also working in partnership with Los Angeles River Corps and Friends of the LA River (FOLAR) to support service-learning aspects of their work. FOLAR is providing support for CWI's Summer WEST Institute, which includes sharing the amazing work FOLAR has done in spearheading the revitalization of the once "vanished" Los Angeles River.

Our New Partnership with Otis College of Art and Design
We are very pleased to announce that CWI's Summer WEST Institute will take place at Los Angeles' Otis College of Art and Design. CWI and Otis College of Art and Design have embarked on an exciting public engagement partnership that shares the premise that it all begins with community. Otis College of Art and Design is a highly innovative national leader in art and design education. Through its Graduate Public Practice Program, Otis places a strong emphasis on participatory community based art. Otis College's international recognition includes The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching for the commitment of Otis College of Art and Design to “Curricular Engagement and Outreach & Partnerships,” which includes offering ts state of the art MFA in Public Practice.

Community Works Institute in China
We have partnered with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to advance their curriculum based work with service-learning. CWI's Joe Brooks recently led a series of professional development workshops for CUHK faculty around service-learning and community engagement. Founded in 1963, CUHK is a forward looking comprehensive research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West. CUHK teachers and students hail from all around the world. CWI salutes the visionary leadership of CUHK for providing 21st century learning opportuntiies for their students and community. The motto of the University is 'Through learning and temperance to virtue'. These words of Confucius have long been considered a principal precept of his teaching. It is recorded that Confucius says, 'The superior man, extensively studying all learning, and keeping himself under the restraint of the rules of propriety, may thus likewise not overstep what is right.' In choosing its motto, the University is laying equal emphasis on the intellectual and moral aspects of education.

The Gray Colloquium on Sustainability
Education Director and Founder of Community Works Institute (CWI), Joe Brooks, spoke to St. Mark's School students and faculty as the Gray Colloquium Speaker. His keynote talk focused on how schools must bridge the gap between what one learns in the classroom and what one can actually contribute to the world. On a frigid January morning at the school just outside Boston, he received a warm reception from the St. Mark’s community, providing a small sample of CWI’s many real-life success stories of service-learning positively impacting populations across the globe. The C. Boyden Gray Colloquium is designed to engage St. Mark’s students in an exploration of one complex global issue annually. Students hear from outside speakers with varying viewpoints, participate in small group discussions, write about and debate the issue, and take part in all-community events.

Connecting Service Learning and Folklore
serviceCommunity Works Institute (CWI), Local Learning, and the American Folklore Society's Folklore and Education Section recently worked with invited educators to explore how incorporating folklore and ethnography deepens student engagement in service-learning. The workshop included hands-on engagement and discussion about best practices. Presenters were the founder and director of Community Works Institute (CWI). As a former middle school teacher he brought a passion for creating school-based learning experiences grounded in community-based applications of knowledge and skills--with service, place, and sustainability at the core. Joe facilitated a dialogue and exercises to illustrate best practices and ethical frameworks. Nancy Watterson, associate professor of social justice at Cabrini College, presented how a folklorist prepares her college students to work in community settings and with community artists. Translating mindfulness and awareness to global learning perspectives, students grasp tangibly--with minds and bodies--how people move, communities change, and organizations join forces in collective movements.

gsnnSupporting Green Schools National Network
CWI is pleased to be partnering with the Green Schools National Network, in support of their member schools. We offer GSNN member schools special professional development opportunties around place, service, and sustainability. contact us for more information.

The annual Green Schools National Conference is a fabulous annual gathering of educators from across the U.S. and Canada. CWI's director Joe Brooks led a keynote session on Place, Service-Learning, and Sustainable Communities, highlighting the work of CWI educators around the world. In addition to an array of outstanding workshops, David Sobel, nationally renowned author-educator and regular essayist for Community Works Journal also led a full day pre-conference session on place-based education. The GSNC is an event not to be missed. learn more

american schoolFrom Warsaw to Guadalajara
CWI's recent outreach efforts includes our work with the American School of Warsaw and Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA). CWI is providing specialized training for CEESA teachers that will support expanding the use of service-learning in international schools. CWI faculty have also been working with the American School Foundation of Guadalajara to provide a week long series of trainings for K-12 faculty, parents, and students.

Supporting Schools, from the Largest to the Smallest
Norfolk State University
in Virginia has worked with CWI to offer extensive professional development for it's faculty, along with deeper reflection and sharing opportunities for students. NSU's service program is extensive and truly serves the surrounding community in very meaningful ways.

CWI is partnering with Tucson's City High School in presenting an annual Symposium on Transforming Schools. Arizona educators, K-16 and communitybased, are encourged to join us for a day of collaboration and learning.

CWI recently supported the Quebec Provincial Community Learning Centre Initiative in presenting CWI's QuebecInstitute on Service-Learning. CWI faculty members joinedwith educators fromacross Quebec province, including its most rural regions and city centers for multi day service-learning trainings and support for school and community partnerships.

We are also working in partnership with the Gulf-South Summit on Service-Learning and Community Engagement providing support for deepening K-16 collaborations around community engagement.

In Arizona, CWI worked in partnership with Arizona's Department of Education, leading a three day leadershiptraining for Arizona educators, students, and Americorps staff. We've been privileged to meet a fascinating group of teachers andstudents working on a host of innovative community focused projects in Arizona.

Oregon's Ashland District teachers and administrators worked with CWI faculty to deepen their capacity to embed service-learning and sustainability within their curriculum. Grand Isle District in Vermont worked with CWI faculty members during an on site in-service day, following up on work begun by several adminstrators and teachers at CWI's Summer EAST Institute.

Last Year's CWI Summer Institutes Fill to Capacity!
We greatly enjoyed another capacity turnout of a quite amazing group of educators for CWI's annual Summer East and WEST Institutes on Service-Learning. CWI Summer EAST is held each year amid the welcoming environs of Burlington, Vermont. In Los Angeles Summer WEST takes place at Otis College of Art and Design. CWI Summer Institute participants came from across the U.S, Canada, Turkey, The Netherlands, Lebanon, Columbia, Bangladesh, Mexico, and Thailand.
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frederick douglassToward Ending Human Trafficking
CWI serves as a in partner with the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation in support of their K-12 service-learning initiative which is focused on ending human trafficking. The Foundation is carrying forward the legacy of a great man through a number of educational efforts, including the New Proclamation of Freedom.

CWI Publications and Resources
workbookWe are pleased to announce availability of the 3rd edition of
Connecting Service-Learning to the Curriculum: A Workbook for Teachers and Adminstrators. This expanded and revised edition, includes a new section on Education for Sustainability along with an expanded series of curriculum exemplars.

Now in use by thousands of educators across the U.S. and abroad. Created by teachers for teachers, the Workbook includes a best practice based approach to service-learning and education for sustainability along with curriculum exemplars, detailed planning and evaluation guides, at both the instructional and site level, and activity collection-sharing forms. read more

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orionA variety of options now exist for organizations and non-profits to be acknowledged as a sponsor on CWI's website and/or within our online publication Community Works Journal.

Most importantly, Your financial support will translate into invigorating and inspiring teachers with new connections, resources, and tools to make education more meaningful and life changing for students. Inspired learners develop a sense of self efficacy as partners in building strong and adaptable learning communities.

Exposure on either Community Works Institute or Community Works Journal websites—or both—will drive traffic back to your organization’s site, creating a circle of goodwill and partnership. more

As a Sponsor your active logo-ad will appear prominently on all pages of the CWI program that you sponsor. Sustaining Partners' active logo-ad will appear at Top Level throughout CWI site.

We are pleased to recognize our newest sponsor Orion Magazine, "America's finest environmental magazine." Orion is also on board as a sponsor of CWI's Summer Institute on Service-Learning.


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