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cwjThe Journal has been published by Community Works Institute (CWI) since 1995, in support of teaching practices that build community. The Journal features essays and reflections along with curriculum overviews that highlight the importance of place, service, and sustainability to a relevant and meaningful education. We thank our many supporters, partners, and individual donors for their generous support for this publication.

Building a Community of Educators

Community Works Institute (CWI) is an educational non profit that serves as a beacon and supporter in the field of education, drawing together and galvanizing individual educators, institutions, and community members. Our focus is around curriculum that has place as the context, service-learning as the strategy, and sustainability as the goal. Community Works Institute provides collegial collaboration, publications for educators, professional development, and innovative tools and resources. We believe that building a long term community of connected like minded educators offers the best opportunity for encouraging and sustaining change and innovation.

Inspiring By Example
Since 1995 Community Works Journal has consistently featured stories, models and resources intended to inspire by example. We showcase innovative educational strategies, practices and curriculum that involve educators and students in meaningful work within their communities. We stand for a shared belief in education that is centered on community with students as active learners in service to their community.

"It is absolutely the best magazine on Sustainability and Service-Learning that I have seen. I have learned so much...."
—Peter DiMaio, Spanish Instructor
Octorara Area Middle School, Atglen, PA

Educators as Agents of Change
InstituteCommunity Works Institute seeks to mobilize participating educators, students, and community members through events, publications, and our web presence. We are working to bring together educators with a shared interest, focus, beliefs and methods.

"...wonderful! I found it delicious to find so many spirited educators who have a wide and deep understanding of the possibility of what education can be."
—Hope Hawkins, Project Manager
Future of Life, Wilmington, Delaware

Share Your Story
Contact us if you are involved in an educational project like the ones you read about in Community Works Journal. Our readers will greatly value your story, experience and curriculum ideas. We will help you put your story together.

See our Submission Guidelines for general information on content and length. Contact us with any questions you may have.

"In recent seminars for education and environment funders on community and place based education, I have highlighted Community Works Journal as one of the best articulations of the work in this new field. The synthesis of arts, environment, literature and cultural heritage work in the Journal reaches out to all segments of rural and urban communities."
—David Sobel, Director of Teacher Certification
Antioch New England Graduate School

Publication and Distribution
Community Works Journal is widely distributed to individual teachers and educational networks across North America and beyond. include K-16 and non-formal educators, along with students, administrators, program personnel, policy makers and most importantly of course, community members.

Publication of Community Works Journal has been made possible with generous donations by individuals and organizations.

Recent issues are available online, go to Journal Archives.

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We would like to thank the many students, teachers and educational organizations who continue to thoughtfully share their work with us.

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