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Why You Should Support Community Works Institute
With three decades of experience in the field, we support educators who are passionate about Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability. They are passionate because see the immediate effect with their students. They know what a difference these students are making, both in the here and now and for our collective future. But we need you help to widen our reach.

service learning

Most importantly, K-16 curriculum and programs that focus on service and sustainability are helping to build bridges to and within the community. These are programs that bring people together for common purpose

Since 1995 Community Works Institute (CWI) has offered transformational professional development for K-16 and community educators. Students in communities around the world have been the direct beneficiaries. make a donation online

Your financial support for Community Works Institute (CWI) and Community Works Journal is a leveraged investment to create positive social and educational impact. The extraordinary work of the educators represented and supported by CWI ensures that your investment will yield an outstanding return in the form of national and international advances in education: the environment; social justice; cultural and historic preservation; community arts; and other areas of social concern. Above all you are investing in our youth, the future of our world.

service learning

As a 501 (c) (3) all contributions to Community Works Institute, Inc. are tax deductible. If you are financially capable of making a donation we ask you to consider the following facts:

• In the past two decades, educators from nearly every U.S. state and many international schools have participated in CWI on-site trainings and Summer Institutes on Service-Learning and Sustainability.

• Community Works Journal online magazine reaches a large international audience of educators and community members.

• Community Works Institute serves as a crucial network, inspiration and toolbox for educators, with a unique focus on place based service-learning, sustainability, and community building


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