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"Voice of Educators"
–interviews with k-16 educators in support of service-learning.

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alumni testimonials
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"Voice of Educators"
–interviews with k-16 educators in support of service-learning.

Community Works Journal
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Transformative Professional Development
For more than two decades, Community Works Institute (CWI) has provided professional development and collegial collaboration opportunities, through innovative PD events, publications, and resources for educators. Our work with teachers, schools, and organizations is particularly focused on service-learning, place based education, and sustainability.

Our Mission is to support and promote exemplary teaching strategies and practices for K-16 and community programs that support students becoming caring, responsible and active members of their communities.

Our focus is on supporting curriculum that has place as the context, service-learning as the strategy, and sustainability as the goal. 

Contact us by email to learn more about how CWI can support your school or organization. We provide on-site trainings specifically tailored for your local context and needs.


Connecting a Community of Educators

We are building a long term community of connected, likeminded educators and schools to encourage and sustain change and innovation.

Educators, schools and programs using the CWI framework focus on creating learning experiences that enable students to apply skills and content knowledge to real needs in their local community. Schools employing the CWI model are dedicated to providing opportunities for meaningful student voice—learning opportunities that resonate with purpose. learn more 

"I will use this process and knowledge to change how our school gets students
involved in their community. I found myself becoming even more determined
about the role that service-learning can have in our school. I had a chance to
really think through service-learning and better understand what teachers are
dealing with. The instructors were really tuned into the group’s mastery of
the concepts. Thank you for taking a leadership role!”

Vernita Vallez, Principal
Inter-American Magnet School
Chicago, Illinois

Resources for K-16 Educators and Community Partners
CWI provides resources that include publications, trainings, and institutes, that help to create and sustain a movement toward integrating service-learning, place-based and sustainability education. Our flagship publication, Community Works Journal is read by thousands of educators around the world.

Summer Institutes for K-16 and Community Educators
service learningCWI's annual Summer Institutes on Place, Service, and Sustainability take place each summer in Burlington, Vermont and Los Angeles, California. Our outreach activities and workshops take place across the U.S. and internationally, throughout the year. In our work with teachers we use a field tested framework based on educator created best practices and tools. Community Works Institute's alumni, and participants include K-16 and non-formal educators, along with students, administrators, program personnel, policy makers and community members. contact CWI about scheduling an event at your school.

"I am embarking on an exciting adventure, armed with new strategies and
a refreshed viewpoint of education....The disconnect between the educational
community and the real world has been a source of concern for educators
and businesses alike for many years, but service-learning creates a bridge
between the two to create lifelong citizens.”
Margot Glenos, Teacher
East Park Elementary
Moss Point, Mississippi

Partnering with Schools and Communities
professional developmentSince 1995 Community Works Institute has supported a wide variety of schools, regional programs and organizations. Our events, resources and publications have supported educators from across the US, Canada, and around the world. We provide local on site consulting services, in-services, and trainings each year across the U.S. and internationally. Our fee schedule is available on request info l schools & organizations supported by CWI

CWI Faculty
Our faculty members and consultants are veteran educators and trainers. Our faculty have worked at all levels from classroom to program, and on regional, national, and international initiatives. We are well versed in the ground level realities and competing priorities that face teachers and institutions. CWI works with schools, districts, and organizations to sensibly bring these together to implement their goals with service-learning as a unifying theme. read more

“Wonderful! I found it delicious to find so many spirited educators
who have a wide and deep understanding of the possibility of what education can be.”
Hope Hawkins, Project Manager
Future of Life
Wilmington, Delaware

A Thank You to Our Educator Contributors
We would like to thank the many students, teachers and educational organizations who continue to thoughtfully share their work with us through our publications and this web site.

A special thanks for design and illustration support to Mary Azarian, and Dede Cummings.

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