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"Voice of Educators"
–interviews with k-16 educators in support of service-learning.

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alumni testimonials
"Voice of Educators"
–interviews with k-16 educators in support of service-learning.

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for Service-Learning

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Turning the Tide
Inspiring Concern for Other and the Common Good through College Admissions
Harvard University
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for Place-Based, Service-Learning, and Sustainability

Place as the Context, Service-Learning as the Strategy,
and Sustainable Communities as the Goal

service learning"I will use this process and knowledge to change how our school gets students involved in their community. I found myself becoming even more determined about the role that service-learning can have in our school.

It’s inspiring to see and hear from practitioners who are doing the work in schools. I had a chance to really think through service-learning and better understand what teachers are dealing with. The instructors were really tuned into the group’s mastery of the concepts. Thank you for taking a leadership role.”
Vernita Vallez, Principal
Inter-American Magnet School, Chicago

The CWI Framework for Place, Service-Learning and Sustainability
The CWI design framework can be applied across K-16 or community based settings, to any academic skill, content, or program area. The CWI framework may be used for a single project, or as part of a long term program or campus wide focus on service and community engagement. We use a framework that sets one's local place as the context with service at the center of experience. The goal is to contribute to a sustainable and just community. CWI alumni comment

"The most important component of my experience at CWI’s Institute was how it presented a new view for future service and service-learning..... with tangible examples of how easily that knowledge can translate into a more responsible approach to each program and project we do."
Jini Loos, Service-Learning Coordinator
The Haverford School, Pennsylvania

Our Core Principles for Service-Learning
We have identified four core principles that we emphasize in our professional development and program design work. These core principles came out of our experience working with educators in the field over many years. Applying these principles help to set the stage for successful service-learning and long lasting academic and social development.

A Compelling Sense of Purpose
The work resonates strongly with educators and students personally and has a clearly understood value to the community.

Academic Integrity
Learning objectives are well defined, understood by all, and connected to standards, local curriculum and school or program goals.

Student Engagement and Reciprocity
Emphasis is placed upon investing students as real partners and collaborators in the experience. 

Meaningful Integrated Reflection
The experience is intentionally deepened and learning is reinforced through multiple and creative forms of reflection.

"You do not have to carve out special time in the day to make service-learning happen. It can become a part of your daily curriculum and routine. I left the Institute excited and energized to start the new school year.”
Tina Phelps, 7th Grade Science Teacher
St. Albans Town Educational Center

Curriculum projects and programs that use the CWI framework incorporate a series of field tested best practices, at both the instructional and site level. New relationships and roles, along with partnerships with the local community are an important and inherent part of this process. Deepened collaborations among educators, students and community members are a result of learning to work together in new ways.


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“Key reasons for The Journal's survival are the consistently high quality of the articles and their immediate usefulness to teachers. This is a resource that truly speaks to teachers with excellent, provocative ideas.”

Steve Seidel, Ed.D, Bauman and Bryant Chair
in Arts in Education

Harvard Graduate School of Education

to the Curriculum
from CWI Publications



“You make the five day commitment worth it! I really thought you hit the mix dead on.”
Leitzel Schoen
Service-Learning Director
Westminster School, Atlanta

“Excellent! This has motivated me to get to the next level. Thank you so much for the best professional development I’ve ever had!”
Marc LaVoie, Teacher
American School of Budapest

“Transformative work during the week! I found myself becoming even more determined about the role that service-learning can have in our school.”
Vernita Vallez, Principal
Inter-American Magnet School
Chicago, Illinois

“I can't over state the importance of this event to my vision and enthusiasm."
Julie Metzler, Director
Community Arts and Service
Kansas City Art Institute

“I believe you touched many hearts and will start movements around the school. This was a very good session. Thank you for giving us the motivation! I now think it’s possible and have the willingness to do so.”
Ana Gabriella Ochoa Arias
American School

“Through teamwork at the Institute, my challenges turned out to be my biggest advances. My enthusiasm for service-learning has grown ten fold. CWI's Institute was beyond my expectations.”
Saidy Godette
Social Studies Teacher (5-8)  
Georgetown Int'l School

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