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Over the past decade, we've talked deeply with K-16 and community based educators about teaching, learning, community—what really matters most to them. Voices of the Institute is a series of excerpts from these ongoing conversations with our CWI event alums. They come from across the U.S. and around the world. They have participated in CWl Summer Institutes and site based trainings at their schools. The themes and focus of our conversations offer crucial common threads, describing a vision of deeply connected and enaged education. contact us

*Many thanks to Michael Hanish's Free Lunch Productions for his longterm support.

Matthew Budd, Teacher/Community Action Director, Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn

Marta Vernet, Director of Community and Service-Learning, American School of Barcelona, Spain
Tonia Lloyd, Educator, Psychologist
Newark Public Schools, Rutgers University

Lisa Derrington, Elementary Teacher
The Mulberry School, Silcon Valley, CA

Shai Pina, 8th Grade Humanities Teacher, The Gordon School, Providence, Rhode Island
Scott Fischer, Teacher, Service-Learning Director, Park Tudor School, Indiana

Rhonda Mitchell, Elelmentary Teacher, Trinity School, Atlanta
Tim Clare, Math Teacher, The Hewitt School, New York City
Matthew Budd, Director of Community Action, Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn, NY
Jane Jack, Director of Small Learning Communities, Decatur High School, Indiana
Tom Luthy, Math Teacher, University of Chicago Lab School, Illinois
Lise Leist, Dean of Community Affairs, King School, Stamford, Connecticut
Megan Blalock, Teacher, Director of Student Affairs, Trinity School, Atlanta, Georgia
Marta Vernet, Director of Community and Service-Learning, American School of Barcelona, Spain
Margo Mullen, Muralist/Artist, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

Dan Guardino, AP Science Teacher, Punahou School, Hawaii
Jennifer Sertel, Outreach Director, Roberts College, Istanbul, Turkey

Elijah Silvin, Dean of Students, Poly Prep High School, New York City

Nancy Richardson, German and Women's Studies Teacher, Saint Louis, Missouri
Nicole Whelan, Service-Learning Director, American School of the Hague, Netherlands

Jessica Sankey, Director, Chittendon Solid Waste District, Burlington, Vermont


Megan Webster, High School Teacher, St. George's School, Montreal, Canada


Michael Barbaro, Director of Service, Trinity School, New York City

Vernita Vallez, Principal, Inter-American Magnet School, Chicago, Illinois


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