Nicole Whelan, Service-Learning Director
American School of the Hague
The Netherlands

Join with likeminded, passionate educators from across North America and around the globe at CWI's Summer EAST and WEST Institutes.


An Educator's Guide
to Service-Learning and
The Common Core
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CWI's Online Network is an exciting new way to connect with likeminded educators from around the world. Featuring a diverse and dedicated community of educators and a robust set of tools for sharing ideas and examples of work in the field.


The Complete Resource
for Service-Learning and Sustainability
Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition
Includes an all
new section on Education for Sustainability along with an expanded series of exemplars. more

These will be key tools for making recommendations to my administration in terms of important action steps, and in terms of documenting and evaluation our progress in integrating Service-learning. I also appreciated the clarity with which place-based education, service-learning and sustainability were linked.”
Jill Stewart, Coordinator of Community Service
Upper Canada College Prep (UCC)
Toronto, Ontario

Now in use by thousands of educators across the U.S. and abroad. Visit our online Bookstore. Quantity discounts are available.
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CWI's 2015 Summer EAST and WEST Institutes
on Place, Service-Learning and Sustainable Communities

—Los Angeles, California and Burlington, Vermont

"Transformative work! I will use this process and knowledge to change
how our school gets students involved in their community. I found myself
even more determined about the role that service-learning can have in
our school. Thank you for taking a leadership role.”

Vernita Vallez, Principal
Inter-American Magnet School, Chicago, Illinois

Dive Deep with Service-Learning!
21st Century Skills in Action; Student Voice; Building Real Reciprocity in Service Projects; Building Schoolwide Support; STEM, Gardens and Nutrition; Social Justice; Local History and Culture; Service and the Arts; Community Ethnography and Mapping; Reflection, and more

CWI's Summer EAST Institute 2015LIMITED SPACE
Burlington, Vermont • June 22-26
CWI's Summer EAST Institute is s
et amid the breathtaking landscape of northern Vermont, this is a premier international event. Join with colleagues from across North America and beyond, working to embrace place, service-learning and sustainability within their teaching practice.

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CWI's Summer WEST Institute 2015 LIMITED SPACE
Los Angeles, California • July 6-10
CWI's Summer WEST features expert training and curriculum planning in a retreat like setting, adjacent to one of the world's most vibrant and diverse urban settings. Veteran practitioners, model programs, guided support, curriculum planning, and more. Join us in LA for a week to remember.

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“I would absolutely recommend CWI’s Institute! I now have a direction
in which to take my program. We are moving from a community service
model toward service-learning. I’ve gained confidence in my belief that
we should move in this direction. The facilitators’ understanding was
strong, sensible, and practical.”

N. Elijah Silvin, Dean of Student Life,
Poly Prep School, Brooklyn, New York

“Through teamwork at the Institute, my challenges turned out to be
my biggest advances. My enthusiasm for service-learning has grown
ten fold. CWI's Institute was beyond my expectations.”

Saidy Godette, Social Studies Teacher (5-8)  
Georgetown International School


Partnering with Schools and Communities

CWI celebrates important work accomplished with local educators from communities across North America and abroad. We extend our appreciation to all of our Institute, workshop participants, subscribers, partners, and donors, and special recognition to our alumni
1998-2014. alumni comment

CWI's recent outreach efforts include our work with St. Mark's School, American School Foundation of Guadalajara, Trinity Episcopal Schools and the American School of Warsaw. CWI also recently partnered with Tucson's City High School in presenting a Symposium on Transforming Schools. Arizona educators, K-16 and community based, joined us for a wonderful day of collaboration and learning. learn more

Save the Date! The National Service-Learning Conference is just around the corner, April 8-11, in Washington DC. CWI is once again pleased to serve as a partner for More Powerful Together, the 26th Annual National Service-Learning Conference, which will gather more than 1,500 youth and adults from across the country and around the world for three days of learning, inspiration, and connection. This intergenerational event creates a unique atmosphere, where youth bring incredible energy and passion to discussions on education and social policy. Both youth and adults gain the tools, resources, ideas, and support to return home to improve their practice, their schools, and their communities.

CWI has also been pleased to partner with the Gulf South Summit's universities and colleges, finding great inspiration in the educators we have worked with there.
In Virginia we've been working with Norfolk State University faculty and students to provide professional development support for their campus wide service-learning initiative.

The past year's highlights also included the many amazing and dedicated educators who attended CWI's 2014 Summer EAST and WEST Institutes in Los Angeles and Vermont. Registration is now open for Summer 2015, including
"early bird" rates for individuals and teams. learn more

From 1998-2014, our CWI Summer Institute participants have come from across North America and geographically and culturally diverse places around the world including Thailand, Pakistan, Mexico, Turkey, Poland, Egypt, Canada, Columbia, Bangladesh, Hungary, Lebanon, Bulgaria. CWI's participant educators are from K-16 institutions large and small, public and independent, as well as from community based organizations. more news


We provide educational organizations internationally, and across the U.S., with a wide variety of customized SITE BASED support, trainings and professional development opportunities.

Faculty training and support is available on-site in single or multi-day formats.

CWI works with educators and schools to integrate service-learning in student learning experiences, creating real life contexts to integrate place, service, and sustainability within the curriculum and life of the school. alumni

Connect, Inspire, Transform
Our trainings are conducted by veteran faculty members. We work with schools and organizations to develop a customized training or presentation to meet your own unique context and needs. learn more l email CWI for more information, or call 909-480-3966

from Community Works Journal


More Than a Gesture: Toward
a Pedagogy of Community

It's inescapable that when we speak about education we speak about pedagogy. And when we speak about pedagogy, we actually never speak about pedagogy at all—that is to say, never in meaningful and significant ways. Instead, the language around the method and practice of teaching is rife with utopian aspirations, anxiety and discontent. Thus is pedagogy's paradox. read more

STEM In Action: A True Success Story

The job of educators is to prepare students so they can have a real impact on the world.  Yet we rarely practice the necessary skills in school.  The attributes of passion, problem solving, and perseverance are often absent from the assignments we do with our young adults in high school. read more

Education Through Restoration

We have an absolutely incredible group of people who are committed to connecting people with nature and making our City even better. This was the perfect chance to practice lifelong learning together, prepare us for another year of our growing environmental education programs, and reaffirm what we all believe—that giving students a chance to not just learn about our local environment but actually improve it is the key to fostering the park stewards and engaged citizens of the future. read more

Gathering For Purpose
The experiences of our colleagues in the classroom strongly suggest that we are not living in a world where scatterings of educators in different buildings with shared teaching values can easily survive intact on their own, not to mention thrive. Teachers need experiences that gather and share collective wisdom, evolving models of success. The professional experience that inspires or rekindles the personal must somehow be at the core of what we do. read more

What Wisdom Greater Than Curiosity:
The Stranger Who Was Yourself

Congruence starts when we make intimate disclosures to ourselves. We risk being honest and being known. We confront the rules of rank and status, willing to let them go. Through this vulnerability, the façade of independence collapses and the space for humility opens up. In this space, we better sense how infinitely we are bound with those around us.  We can at last make peace with how very interdependent we are, how reciprocal everything is. . read more

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